Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thawing Out

This week spring finally started to feel imminent. The temperature crept up to 60, the tulips are about to burst, and the ground has thawed. From the forecast, it looks like we may be done with serious frost. All of our seedlings are thriving--the okra had a 100% germination rate, and new tomatoes have been popping up every day this week.

We haven't seen much of the peas we planted in the garden. A few naked sprouts were found sitting on top of the soil, and the squirrels probably got a few. There's still time, though. The nights have been cold, in the upper 20s. We optimistically planted a second wave of peas on Tuesday. This weekend we start some herbs, plant potatoes, and put the sprouted spinach outside. We're getting all amped up for the main event, when we'll see if these babies can hack it in the great outdoors.

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