Monday, April 7, 2008

Fingerling the Potatoes

We were workhorses this weekend. Built three new boxes and filled them with a homemade mix of compost, topsoil, perlite, and vermiculite. Planted Ozette fingerling tomatoes in one box, but Kate thought it wasn't enough, so we cleared out a corner of the yard near the rock wall and planted some more for a total of 32. We plan to do the Purple Vikings today or tomorrow. And last night Mark planted some of the more obscure herbs: holy basil and culantro.

Cold-weather veggies like broccoli, spinach, and chard were moved out to the garage to toughen them up a bit before we transplant them outside in a week or two. Since the nights are no longer freezing, they're pretty happy out there.

The garlic is on an enthusiastic comeback after the winter chill. While we were out planting potatoes we witnessed new rhubarb and strawberries poking through the leaf mulch. Kate dug up a misplaced raspberry bush that has been plaguing the yard for years. Things are starting to feel almost--dare we say it?--organized.



Purple Coffee pepper from Trinidad

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