Friday, April 25, 2008


It's apt that Passover is this week, since we goy are being plagued by pests at every turn. First the squirrels, then Leroy the plant-squashing cat, and now the aphids, which somehow got into the entire flat of peppers despite the fact that they were sitting in the basement under lamps and had no exposure that we know of. Dedicated organic gardeners that we are, we decided to put them outside and hope that ladybugs, their natural predators, will gobble them up and we won't have to take more drastic action.

Luckily, the nice weather has been therapeutic for the plants in more ways than one--lots of sunshine, beneficial bugs, and fresh air are helping the little peppers recuperate. There are still aphid eggs on the undersides of some leaves, but we just wipe them off whenever we see them, and the little guys are holding up very well.

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