Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The squirrels are very slyly sabotaging our garden--digging up the sweet pea seeds we planted in pots, and most recently making off with several healthy-sized broccoli plants. The broccoli was in the garden for less than 24 hours when we realized that four of them were gone. Mark quickly erected the row covers, but the pests are still wreaking havoc on the lettuce bed, where only one or two seeds have sprouted so far. The spinach, which was also recently put outside, has been covered as well.

On the other hand, the peas are coming up like crazy, and the tomatoes are ready to be transplanted in to bigger pots. Even though we're growing 5 varieties of tomatoes already, we won't be able to resist the big Catalpa Ridge tomato sale in May at Lafayette Village.

There's been talk of transforming the last bit of grass along the driveway into an asparagus patch. This talk has been mostly on Mark's part, since Kate is not very fond of asparagus. He's been cajoling with fancy multicolored varieties, but we won't even be able to harvest any for a couple of years, and the plants are enormous. For now we [read: Kate] are deliberating.

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