Thursday, May 1, 2008

Leafy Greens

As for the plants we are attempting to control, here's the lowdown. After several weeks of waiting, we're thrilled to see potato plants popping up all over. We mistakenly thought they were wandering mint plants at first, since the leaves are all shriveled and round and furry-looking. They don't taste like mint, though. Hope we don't get poisoned from eating them!

Both kinds of lettuce are flourishing, although still tiny, and the spinach is doing great. The garlic is getting so tall, and we're getting new scallions every day. The peas are shooting up like crazy and sending out tendrils in all directions, so it's good we gave them all those strings to climb.

We planted carrots and some more leeks, but generally we're just waiting until the next wave of planting in a couple of weeks after the most serious threat of frost has passed.


skadoot said...

tell me how you rigged string for the peas. i need some ideas...

Kate said...

You can see what we did here. Mark made a metal frame and criss-crossed it with speaker wire (although you could use chicken wire or anything you like), then posted the frame on poles about six feet above the peas and beans. Once the peas started to come up, we ran string from the top of the frame down to the plants. The peas love climbing the string, but it was a little labor intensive. Engineer Mark is coming up with a permanent solution. If this is confusing I can post or send some photos.