Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We're just now recovering from a brutal weekend of backbreaking labor, constructing and filling two more raised beds and planting four of them. All I can say is this red mulch (which is really just a red plastic sheet) had better be worth it, because cutting all those holes in it and planting the tomatoes through it is a real bitch. We also lightened the nice compost topsoil with a bit of peat and added bone meal to the tomatoes and peppers when we transplanted them.

It didn't help that Nico was a total menace, pulling up plants throwing objects over the stone wall and narrowly avoiding serious injury every five minutes. It was quite an ordeal, but at this point we've planted everything but the squashes and melons, which we hope to finish this week.

The oak leaf lettuce and spinach are pretty voluminous; it's everything we can do to harvest them fast enough. Since our CSA share started last week, the fridge has been bursting with greens. Anyone know any creative recipes? I've started making up my own.

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