Thursday, July 29, 2010


Suffice it to say we've got a glut of yellow summer squash over here. Actually, no, that won't suffice. We've done the sweet, buttery-yellow fruits sauteed, shredded, grilled, in pasta, in soup, in chocolate cake, with even more squash growing up along the garden fence and taunting us from on high. I'm snacking on a squash-basil muffin as I type this. Even the local food pantry turned down our offer to donate some squash--seriously. After Mark's band played last Saturday I was peddling them in the streets of Hoboken and leaving them on top of friends' cars.

And I haven't even mentioned the basil: quadruple batches of pesto, quarts of basil-lime syrup for tasty drinks both alcoholic and non, marinara sauce, salads, and stir fries. From just two plants of Genovese basil. That doesn't even include the Thai and holy basil plants. Geez.

We just started digging potatoes today--20 pounds' worth from just four of our many, many plants. The bounty continues...which is incredibly awesome, but it's starting to seem strangely ominous as well.


christina said...

Send squash my way!
It's my faaavorite. We got a bunch of zucchini this yeah (and they were HUGE) but I think we've reached the end of our supply.
Also we are enjoying the heck out of the onions!!!

Michaela said...

I wish we lived closer. We don't have any squash plants this year, and we'd love to help you eat through your bounty!

Kate said...

I wish you lived closer, too, for that reason and lots of others.

And Xtina, so glad the onions worked out for you! Now you've got some more big squash to keep you company.

christina said...

So delicious!!!

Hey, by the way, I just tagged you on my blarg.