Monday, May 7, 2012

Promises, Promises

I often get impatient in the spring, my mind jumping ahead to harvest time. But it's easy to forget how overwhelming August and September can be: trying to keep the garden under control, canning all that produce, and planting fall crops.

Spring is so full of promise; nothing has gone seriously wrong yet, and I can blithely imagine that the deer won't eat our gooseberries, that beetles won't chew on the eggplants, that the tomatoes won't succumb to end rot and we'll actually have time to pick and process them all instead of leaving some to wither on the vine because we're so frazzled.

In May I can take pictures of flowers and enjoy their winks and whispered innuendos. Consider me seduced.

Chive flowers

First-year strawberries

Little lettuce volunteers from last year's plants that went to seed.

Pea shoots--yum.

My new friend the violet.

Mark's hugelkultur experiment:
growing potatoes in mounds of old wood.
More to come about this soon.


Michaela said...

Love it! My garden isn't anywhere near as exciting as yours, but I've spent the past few mornings working away before leaving for the office. Today I planted three types of heirloom tomatoes, some marigolds and some herbs. I keep wanting to drive home to see if they've grown!

Kate said...

It's such a great feeling of anticipation. Although I do wish the weeds didn't grow twice as fast as the veggies.

Mark said...

Of course your garden is as exciting! You get to watch your little seedlings grow up, one tiny new leaf at a time. And then you get to eat them!

Kate said...

Nom nom nom!