Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Behold the rare and wondrous micro-beet, prized by chefs and artisanal farmers around the world!

Just kidding. We didn't get around to weeding the beet patch, and this is the pathetic result. NOTE: Root vegetables, especially carrots and beets, are really freakin' hard to weed. It's almost impossible to distinguish beet greens from the dozens of really enthusiastic, invasive weeds in our garden. And we have a particularly crafty weed from the carrot family that's taken over our carrots. The leaves look identical! How the heck are we supposed to tell the difference?


Lou Altamura said...

I hear your pain. I had quite the harvest of micro-radishes yesterday.

shaymo said...

i would have expected beet greens to have that red ribbing, but it looks like they must get red at a more mature phase. blarg.