Monday, July 6, 2009

In Which I Am Given a Soapbox



Michaela said...

Nice! I want you to be a food book reviewer. I want people to send you galley copies that have commas in odd places and covers that are marked "not for sale." I want to have to pitch to you in the future. This is my wish.

Kate said...

I'd have to get in line behind the hundreds of other foodies who think they're the next MFK Fisher.

You can thank me later for saving your grammar geek cred.

christina said...

Nice work! When can we expect your book??

Anonymous said...

i just realized what a dolt i am. i was reading the link and enjoying the writing . . .and then i looked at who wrote it and it was you. your writting is witty, easy to follow, charming, just like you. you should be a food book reviewer!


Kate said...

What a compliment, Amber! Thanks!