Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is my pornography: Cornmeal made from corn grown biodynamically on a farm 10 miles from my home, hand-ground by people whose names I know, then given to me as part of my CSA share in the middle of a dreary, frozen February.

Now the question looms: What should I make with it? Cornbread seems too mediocre for such a precious flour, but a more complex preparation might overpower the cornmeal's flavor, which I want to fully savor. Maybe polenta or tamales; I'm waiting for inspiration to strike. Any ideas?


Jen DeHart said...

If it were me... I would have to do a cornbread or spoon bread.
I can imagine no greater homage to pay than a hot pan of cornbread.
Drizzled with sorghum?.. even better.
Whateer you decide to make..enjoy it for all of us.

Kate said...

Jen, you're probably right. It's just that I've never found a dynamite cornbread recipe. The one I use is just adequate, and I'm looking for something a little sweet, a little savory, and really moist. You're in the South--do you have a good recipe?