Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Food Matters

Food guru Mark Bittman talks sensibly and accessibly about why our food choices are important. His argument boils down to this: Eat less meat, more vegetables, and make as many of your own meals as possible. I'd go one step farther and say that growing your own food--whether it's a few pots of tomatoes and herbs on your balcony or even belonging to a CSA--will make your diet even healthier, for yourself and for the planet.

If you're intrigued, Bittman's new book Food Matters will tell you more. I also can't gush enough about his recipes, which never steer me wrong. How To Cook Everything Vegetarian is exactly what the title claims, and it's like a bible for me. So many of his dishes have become a regular part of our rotation, like roasted quinoa with potatoes and cheese and banana bread. In fact, I've got some of that bread kicking around in my bread drawer right now, and I could use a snack.

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