Saturday, October 25, 2008

Root Down

We harvested a bucketful of carrots on Wednesday, our fingers aching with every dip into the cold, damp soil. They are extremely short, so I’d spy a bit juicy top sticking out of the ground, only to reach over and pull up a two-inch-long root. But man, was it worth it. Even after months in the ground, almost every carrot is crisp and sweet—hardly any have gone bitter. We’ve already given about a third of them away, so what do we do with the rest?

I made applesauce today with some of the apples we have left from our trip to Syracuse. Sweetened with some maple syrup and spiced with cinnamon and a puff of cardamom (Mark’s genius suggestion), it was mighty tasty. Ate it for dessert with TJ’s gingerbread boxed mix, which, by the way, is almost as good as my mom’s from scratch. What is their secret? Usually boxed mixes taste like, well, the box. And chemicals.

We’ve been really active at Genesis Farm these past couple of months. We are sorely remiss in not writing about our experiences there, especially my fascinating food politics course. More to come soon.

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