Friday, February 22, 2008


We ordered all our seeds early from a variety of sources, from Seed Savers to Baker Creek to Southern Exposure to Johnny's. Most of them have already arrived. We just couldn't wait to get started with our planting, so last weekend we planted a few leeks and broccoli. The broccoli germinated in something like 48 hours! The photo represents just five days' growth.

Mark is really into sprouting seeds before planting, especially the peppers that have an extra-long growing season. He does this in damp paper towels (on top of our piano, naturally), and now he wants to do that with everything. I can just imagine damp paper towels spread on every horizontal surface in our house. We've already had one incident in which Kate's mom thought the sprouting seeds were garbage and tried to throw them out.

The office we share has become our war room, with huge printouts of our gardening matrix and map dominating the walls. See them here and here. Now imagine them printed out on a blueprint plotter at 24 x 36". It feels good to put our geekiness to good use.

The 2008 Seed Savers Yearbook still hasn't made it here. Boo.

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