Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rules and Regs

Last year we were finding our way with the garden. This year we’re trying to take the lessons learned in 2007 and incorporate some of what we’ve learned from the books and the experts to do even better. The major difference this year will be more diversity among our crops. We’re going to try growing a little bit of everything and see what works best. The garden is an ongoing process for us; we want to learn a little more each year.

In the following week we’ll be posting some guidelines we’re going to follow this year. These are the basic ones.

- Keep things simple. Compost is the best way to feed & mulch most plants.

- Don’t mess with plants unless there are problems.

- Don’t use landscape fabric, which can anchor weed roots.

- Fundamental Nutrients

: Great for growth, bad for flowers and fruit. Sources include green plant material
such as grass clippings, coffee grounds, well-rotted manure.

: Good for flowering. Sources include rock phosphate and bone meal.

: Good for flowering, roots, and cell health.

: Prevents blossom endrot. Sources include ground egg and sea shells.

- Other Nutrients

Kelp: Promotes fast, early plant growth as well as frost resistance.

We're not going to feed our plants with all of these individual nutrients, but we will incorporate some manure and green material into the compost and mulch we use. We may consider feeding if certain plants need a boost, but we're trying to keep things simple.

Tomorrow: Mulching dos and don'ts. The excitement continues!

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